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Will PA put to-go cocktails on ice? Wolf urges Senate to legalize to-go alcohol for good.

SAM RULAND | York Daily Record

Remember last May? It’s OK, nobody really does — but that’s when the restaurant industry’s struggle to survive the COVID-19 era, combined with patrons thirsty for something to go with their takeout, prompted Pennsylvania to temporarily allow the sale of carry-out cocktails.

But "last call" for to-go cocktails is nearing as the governor’s disaster emergency declaration comes to an end — unless the commonwealth's lawmakers do something about it.

The temporary provision aided shuttered businesses that sold alcohol during the pandemic, allowing them a source of income as they went through the cycles of opening and closing. During the pandemic, establishments that offered takeout cocktails also had to sell food.

"When the election is certified, and the constitutional amendments become effective, the COVID-19 disaster declaration will be terminated," Gov. Tom Wolf said in a statement. "Unfortunately, this termination also applies to the temporary rule created in 2020 to allow for the sale of cocktails-to-go from bars, restaurants or hotels with a liquor license."


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