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Coalition for Convenient Sales is an alliance of associations, organizations, business owners and individual consumers advocating to expand spirits-based ready-to-drink  product (RTDs) sales, in grocery stores and convenience stores in Pennsylvania. We believe this change is necessary to modernize Pennsylvania's liquor laws, provide greater convenience and choice for legal age drinkers, and support industry growth. Our coalition is committed to supporting a more competitive, innovative and consumer-friendly liquor industry in Pennsylvania that meets the needs of today's consumers.

A bipartisan study in PA shows that support for this effort is over 80%.

Have you ever wondered why you need to visit a liquor store to purchase a canned cocktail, yet you can easily pick up Truly or other malt-based products at your local grocery store? Watch to find out.


The average beer is 6% ABV.


The average RTD cocktail is 6% ABV.

The difference?

An outdated law.



Pennsylvania’s current liquor laws only allow spirits-based RTDs, commonly referred to as canned cocktails, to be sold in state liquor stores, even though these products typically have the same alcohol by volume (ABV) as beer - around 6% or less. This is due to outdated laws from the Prohibition Era, which have not been updated to reflect modern consumer trends and innovative products. 


State Senator Mike Regan (R) District 31, has proposed legislation to allow canned cocktails to be sold through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) or through the existing three-tier system.


Currently in Pennsylvania, canned cocktails are typically only sold at state-owned liquor stores and licensed wine and spirits stores, and are not available in grocery stores or convenience stores. This proposed legislation, if passed, would expand the availability of canned cocktails and provide consumers with more options for purchasing these products.


Our coalition includes some of the most well-established names in Pennsylvania, such as the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, National Federation of Independent Business, and Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association, with tens of thousands of employees across the state. These organizations have a major economic impact in the state, generating substantial tax revenue and supporting local businesses. Coalition for Convenient Sales brings these organizations and Pennsylvania’s citizens together to encourage the state legislature to pass Senator Regan’s bill to allow canned cocktails to be sold in the same places as beer and wine.

Senator Regan, (R) District 31

“Unfortunately, only limited products are currently being offered, and those sales account for less than two percent of shelf space in stores. As these products continue to grow, they are flooding into neighboring states, while Pennsylvania’s selection remains limited.”
Senator Regan, (R) District 31



We are urging state lawmakers to pass sensible, straightforward legislation that would allow ready-to-drink cocktails to be sold in the same places as beer, wine, and hard seltzers.

Coalition for Convenient Sales needs your help creating more fairness and convenience for consumers and businesses in your community. Simply send an email to your legislator through the form on this page. 

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